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Fiverr Scraper – Custom Web Scraper Application

We have developed Fiverr revenue scraper application to scrape all revenue details and export it to excel.┬áThis is custom web scraper application developed for users. User can login to fiverr from scraper and then can harvest all transactions and then export it to Excel sheet. The fiverr scraper is developed using Microsoft .Net with […]

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Book Scraper – A customized web extractor software

We have developed a book scraper which is a customized web extractor that automates data collection of all books and order information. The software is developed in Microsoft .Net using C#. The software supports exports to Excel, csv and text file facility.

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Furniture Stock Scraper – A custom web scraper

This is a Custom Web Scraper to scrape furniture stock from supplier website developed for UK client and it scrapes Product Name and Stock availability status. The project is developed in Microsoft .Net using C#.

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